Counseling for all kinds of life transitions

Going to college, starting a new career, New or seasoned marriage (couples counseling), New parent, Parent of young children or teenagers, changing careers, new relationships, being a stay at home parent, mid-life changes, new grandparent, retiring, big life decisions, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or feeling “stuck” in a relationship with your significant other, these are all significant life changes that you may need help navigating. The above mentioned seasons in life are obviously not all inclusive. Whatever your struggle may be I will seek to help give you more tools for your toolbox as you journey through life changes.

Going to College

Going to college is a completely different chapter of ones life that brings separation from the security of your family, your home, and your friends. College transitioning can bring the feeling of isolation, loneliness and stress that Tranquility Counseling wants to help reduce.

New Marriage

Entering a new venture, like a new marriage, in your life causes uncertainty. Navigating your spouse and understanding how this relationship will affect different parts of your life can be overwhelming. I am here to assist you!

Parent of Young Children and/or Teenagers

Bring a parent takes a lot of patience and hard work. It can be difficult when your child is not acting how you would like them to, or causing you to feel that you are not successfully parenting. Tranquility Counseling would like to aid these feelings.

New Relationships

New relationships can be a tough interface to understand. Exploring your new relationship involves learning how to listen, communicate and compromise. We will work together towards finding the best tools and skills to make your new relationship more prosperous.

Mid-life Changes

For most of your life you have been going one way, but now you are going in a completely different direction. Letting go of what you are used to and embracing the changes in mid-life can be bewildering. Mid-life changes affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. Tranquility Counseling can assist you during this time of inevitable change.


Retiring can cause anxiety, depression, and enervating feelings of loss. Coping with the loss of your career identity, spending more time with your spouse, replacing networks you had through work, and finding new ways to stay active are all pieces of retirement that Tranquility Counseling can guide you through.

Big Life Decisions

Major decisions in your life can cause a tremendous amount of stress and frustration while wrestling through your thoughts. Tranquility Counseling can help you weigh your options and bring clarity to a big decision.

Starting a New Career

Starting a new job or new position is a change that would make anyone feel nervous, stressed, or anxious. Getting acquainted with your co-workers, meeting deadlines, and pressures to deliver are all aspects that we can try to work through so that you can achieve greater contentment and success.

New Parent

Having a child will change one’s life for eternity and will be very rewarding, however, feeling overwhelmed, lost and tired can all contribute to someone not feeling like themselves after bringing baby home. While other people looking in may not notice your struggle, Tranquility Counseling recognizes the pressures associated with becoming a new parent.

Couples Counseling

Do you feel stuck in your marriage? Do you feel like you have the same perpetual arguments with no resolve? Are you or your partner engaging in criticism, defensiveness and even contempt? Do you feel like you are roommates or ships passing in the night? Now might be the time to invest in your marriage and learn different ways of loving, interacting and building a friendship again. I would love the opportunity to work with you as a couple.

Stay Home Parent

The difficult job as a stay at home parent can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed, depressed and exhausted. You may be feeling alone, unhappy, or taken for granted. We can work together to help you find balance at this season in your life and to incorporate the all-important skill set of self-care.

New Grandparent

Becoming a grandparent can be emotionally potent. It can be difficult to accept the realities of change and recognition of your age. It can be stressful physically and emotionally but Tranquility Counseling yearns to help you discover the priceless and rewarding aspects of becoming a grandparent.

Caregiver Stress

Being there for a loved one when they most need you can be satisfying but exceedingly difficult. It is natural to feel angry, alone, exhausted and frustrated during this time. Tranquility Counseling can be your resource to help alleviate some of these reactions.

Finding Your True Authentic Self

When you work toward finding your true authentic self, you begin to live how you want and become the person you are meant to be. Tranquility Counseling can steer you in the right direction by assessing your strengths and weaknesses with the goal of you believing that you are enough.