POSTED February 8, 2018 by admin


“Seek first to understand, THEN seek to be understood”.  This is communication 101. Most of the time as we listen to someone speak we have already come up with several points about what we want to say or convey to the speaker before they are finished speaking. In fact, the thoughts we have during a conversation far outweigh the number of sentences we will speak. Most of the time when someone is speaking/sharing they are seeking to be truly heard and understood, they may not want your opinion or want you to fix it. Unless they ask you for advice they may just want an empathetic ear. A tip on how to really listen is to focus on what the person is saying (mindfulness can help with this) and try to see things from their perspective, seek clarity on the content of what they are saying by summarizing (not parroting), ask open ended questions (questions that cannot be answered with Yes or No) and finally after you summarize you can simply ask them “Did I understand you correctly?”